Hello readers

Hello readers,
thank you for your donations via Paypal in helping to keep this blog going and related costs. Please continue to support me and my allies in this venure that has now become a full time activity. When I first started blogging in late 2007 it was just as a pass time to highlight GLBTQ issues in Jamaica under then JFLAG’s blogspot page but now clearly there is a need for more forumatic activity which I want to continue to play my part.

Donations presently are accepted via Paypal where buttons are placed at points on this and the Gay Jamaica Watch’s blog as well. If you wish to send donations otherwise please contact: glbtqjamaica@live.com


Activities & Plans: ongoing and future

    • To continue this venture towards website development with an E-zine focus


    • Work with other Non Governmental organizations old and new towards similar focus and objectives


    • To find common ground on issues affecting GLBTQ and straight friendly persons in Jamaica towards tolerance and harmony


    • Exposing homophobic activities and suggesting corrective solutions


    • To formalise GLBTQ Jamaica’s activities in the long term


    • Continuing discussion on issues affecting GLBTQ people in Jamaica and elsewhere


    • Welcoming, examining and implemeting suggestions and ideas from you the viewing public


    • Present issues on HIV/AIDS related matters in a timely and accurate manner


    • Assist where possible victims of homophobic violence and abuse financially and otherwise


  • Track human rights issues in general with a view to support for ALL

Thanks again


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