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This blog is a combination of archived posts from Gay Jamaica Watch and GLBTQJA on Blogger with Exclusives as well covering LGBTQIQ2S issues in Jamaica

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Advocacy Response, Aphrodite's PRIDE Jamaica, Behavioral Bisexuality, Bisexual Issues, Brian Williamson, Buggery Law, Corrective Rape, Crisis Communication (LGBTQ), Cross dressing, Cruising Issues, Displacement, Down Low Lifestyles, Elitism, Ethics, facing homophobia, Gay on Gay violence, Gay panic defence, Gay psychology and Jamaica's homophobia, Homelessness, Homophobia in Jamaica, Hypocrisy and homophobia, Internalized Homophobia, Intolerance, Jamaica CAUSE, JFLAG, Lawyers' Christian Fellowship, Legal Issues, Lesbophobia, More Letters to Consider, MSM Issues, Peter King, Police Harrasment hhhmmmm, Psychological References, Relationship Issues, Sex Life Articles, Situational Homosexuality, Stereotypes, Stigma and Discrimination, Substitutional Sex, The Gleaner, Videos and Video Links

Gay & Bisexual Intimate Partner Violence, Homophobic Incidents & Crisis Communication

Buggery Law, Charter of Rights, Cross dressing, Effemophobia, Ephebophilia Paedophilia Homosexuality, Ethics, facing homophobia, Gay Marriage, Gay Parenting, Gay psychology and Jamaica's homophobia, Homophobia in Jamaica, Human Rights Day, Human Rights Issues, Hypocrisy and homophobia, Intolerance, Ja Coalition for Healthy Society, Lawyers' Christian Fellowship, Stereotypes, Stigma and Discrimination, Tolerance or acquiescence?, Transgender Invisibility, Transphobia, Videos and Video Links

Buy no rings, you won’t wed; religious fear-mongering on gay marriage & the buggery law continues

Articles on Sexuality, Bloggers Writings, Buggery Law, Elitism, Ethics, Homophobia in Jamaica, Human Rights Issues, Hypocrisy and homophobia, Intolerance, Ja Coalition for Healthy Society, Labels, Legal Issues, Letters of the Day, MSM Issues, Psychological References, Religion, Sex Life Articles, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity”, Stereotypes, Stigma and Discrimination, The Gleaner, The Observer, Theocracy, Videos and Video Links

Gays Born, Not Made, response to anti gay Rev Espeut


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