Jamaicans hypocritical about gays? ….where does this pastor lives?

read this letter and the response and ask yourself ….where does this man lives?
The Letter
Dear Pastor,
I am absolutely horrified about the situation my brothers and sisters of gay and lesbian identities face in Jamaica.
I should be proud of my father’s homeland, but I am not. I am ashamed. When my father came here to England, he faced terrible abuse for being black.
Cannot help our sexuality
He was considered, like all other Jamaicans in the country, to be no less than an animal, in fact, a sub-species. He was spat upon, reviled and sometimes beaten because of his skin colour. Now how do I see things changing in Jamaica? People are just as bad in Jamaica about lesbians and gays. We cannot help our sexuality. We are born with it.
Hypocrisy and bigotry
We are told God loves a sinner. If it is a sin and God loves all sinners, why are people behaving like this in the name of God? Such hypocrisy and bigotry need to be eradicated. We are sup-posed to be civilised people. What happened? Why such pain and shame? Killing people for being gay is a terrible crime.
Change these draconian laws. Why are people so threatened now by such things? Fear is no excuse. I shall do whatever is within my power to put a stop to this until the day I die.
M.D., England

The Response
Dear M.D.,
You are gay and there are many others like you. Why do you seek to condemn others who are not gay and who do not agree with your lifestyle? What laws do you want to be changed in Jamaica? I have said many times that no one should be threatened, beaten or killed because of their sexual preference.
On the other hand, those who are gay should not flaunt their lifestyle in public and expect the people of Jamaica to accept the things they do as acceptable behaviour.
Too bad you are ashamed of Jamaica. Although your father was Jamaican, you don’t seem to know much about this beautiful island. You are angry. Cool down, sir. Learn about Jamaica and its people. Nobody is going to interfere with you because you are gay, but if you believe that you can get everybody in this country to accept your lifestyle you are making a very big mistake.

Author: GLBTQ Jamaica Moderator

Activist and concerned gay man in Jamaica with over 19 years experience in advocacy and HIV/AIDS prevention work, LGBT DJ since 1996.

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