Lesbian activity on stage in Linstead club raises concerns

What’s in my club stays in my club!

Two Cents

Jackass sey de worl’ no level. Jackass sey im affi laugh wen im see wan tory inna de STAR ’bout one go-go club inna Linstead an ow man an man a grieve ova de man an ooman dem weh flock it.

Bway me a tell you, country really different from town. Yeah man. The same cable run, the same Wii play, the same car park up a gate and Jacuzzi inna house, but country different from town. If you think I a lie you, read the story about ‘Exotic club angers residents’ in yesterday’s STAR – again, causen Jackass know that all you loyal STARsuss and sketelisha lovers have read it long time.

go-go club

Now, when Jackass read the headline, he thought that here is a case where the people did not want a go-go club in their community. The headline was ‘Exotic club angers residents’, so Jackass thought the case was pretty much cut and dried. But as the story went on, it said that one person who was rushing from the club in disgust said “God is going to shock somebody to death very soon, as the things are just not right inside there”. Now, how somebody can hold any great moral stance coming out of a go-go club is beyond Jackass, because people go there to see naked flesh in the first place (and maybe get some lap dances – or more), but you two-footers are so strange.

So when Jackass read further, it was a woman-and-woman-on-stage thing and many woman and woman visiting the place. Of c ourse, to many a town person, the lesbian thing around go-go clubs is like waaaayyyy normal, so much so that the men know that if they have no cash to flash, they better stay waaaaayyyyyy in the back, cause is big spenders get front row seat.


But how the world is really un-level was revealed unto Jackass when he read a part where the complainants said “di man dem too friendly wid dem”. Yeah, certain man and man love it. And it is a curious thing, which has been going on in Jamaica for a long, long time, where men are very tolerant of two women but would burn fire and gash lightning and draw machete, at a strong hint of two men.

Yeah man, let it even be whispered that a ‘man and man’ business was happening in the same club and that bun down flat, ‘men’ have to run away and police have to protect and serve those who remain, so they don’t get mobbed and killed.

And it works the other way ’round as well, where many women are really palsy with gay men, rapping with them like it is just one of the girls, while man burn fire and breathe fire and sometimes want to light fire. Jackass has always thought, though, that with the great man shortage that so many women complain about, they should be quite cross at gay men, who not only are off the market but some of whom would not mind taking a few straight men off the market while they are at it.

But is so earth run, very un-level.

Jackass sey de worl’ no level. Jackass sey Linstead no see nutten yet, if a kiss an gyrate pan an heavy breedin’ dem a bawl bout!


The activity spoken of in this club is not new and the writer is on point when showing the hypocrisy that if it were males together on stage something bad would have happened already, thus touching the homo negative component of it. It is no secret that men out there like public lesbianism in exotic clubs and there are a few clubs that allow lesbian patrons open access to their services as it is said lesbians consume more alcohol per head in a mixed club environment than straight men do.

So much for slow integration eh

Peace and tolerance


Author: GLBTQ Jamaica Moderator

Activist and concerned gay man in Jamaica with over 19 years experience in advocacy and HIV/AIDS prevention work, LGBT DJ since 1996.

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