Nauti Glam: High Seas Couture was Naughty & Nice!!!!

Once again the Couture Elements Team delivered on their fifth themed event so far in their entertainment servings, I was certainly proud to have been a part of the festivities in my capacity as a House Music DJ this time and it was fierce. Even as I type the muscular soreness in my arms and legs are still there though far less than several days ago and many other patrons who attended the event also complained bitterly that the DJs myself and Senor D were wicked to them in delivering the beats.

Things got off to a pretty early and good start as patrons and registered members of the Couture Oasis were asked to board early, red carpet, velvet ropes and two chaperones one of each gender dressed in full pirate regalia complete with swords, feathers and coiffed tops greeted you once you parked in the secure area with armed guards present. After checking in one poses, walks and serves on the lengthy 15 foot plus carpet then its on to the shots counter where mixed alcoholic delites were served and you are greeted with a smile and the Couture trademark warmth. The selections I must say were tastefully chosen everything from Appleton to Alize to higher end brands for the individual with discriminating taste, then it was onto the deck of the lovely Sea Queen vessel. The rainbow coloured montages and fabric interwoven most attractively overarching the entrance to the catwalk and also lined the entire velvet roped stroll to the walkover to the deck, once on board one enters the well-lit main floor but it was hot as the air conditioning was not in service possibly the only major logistical flaw however the minibar provided much needed coolings for the warm individual. The DJ booth stood to the immediate right as you entered the area allowing for requests from patrons to be made with ease.

The crew of the vessel also were placed at strategic points serving some sort of pecuniary delight obviously they were briefed as to the type crowd to expect and soon fell in a more relaxed style as they carried out their duties with some later in the night’s frivolities were seen dancing alongside and with patrons which was allowed. Making ones way to the first floor the well laid VIP deck you are greeted with lavishly done hors d’oeuvres, servings of chicken, assorted seafood and other confectionery and the much cooler temperatured area had most patrons paying repeat visits to cool down from the early energy created by DJ Germs. The first floor deck also had its own balcony which provided a breathtaking view of not only the main deck below and the complete red carpet entrance but also the lovely Caribbean Sea with the glittering Kingston Harbour backdrop behind us as we departed and the Palisadoes and Port Royal shore  line before us as we slowly left the dock around 12 midnight cruising around 1 knot. One half of the Couture Team’s head announced the VIP section would have been opened to all in attendance and this was met with oohs and aaaahs, persons made their way up the steep flight of steps to mingle and gorge in well laid out pantry.

The costumes were marvellous with pirate, nurse, sailor and navy themes clearly visible also the use of authentic materials emphasized the creativity of the makers of the pieces some of whom were the wearers themselves. Other patrons did heed the posturing of the marketing team in the blitz that preceded weeks before which beckoned “wear weh yuh have” and so they did with some hot brand name pieces I might add. The drag divas were not to be outdone in both aesthetic and revelry as the night progressed, a video shot taken via a blackberry is making the rounds with two of Jamaica’s fiercest transgender divas having a whale of a good time. The promoters of the Loft were also present as they respectfully foregone a previously planned event at their spot to be in attendance, one half of the two man team aka Denise made sure the vogue elements were present when my DJ set came around which was a mix of tribal, tech-house, commercial house and vogue femme. Tommy Fiehdior my niece demanded to chant on the mic and she was allowed to bringing another energy to the set, It was my debut spinning officially for the CE team as they were used to me in my other capacity as a patron at the Oasis and other activities. I was pleased to have been well received by most as not all are into vogue these days as the swagger is the order right now.

DJ David was on point as we made the transition interchanging for each of our sets, as the designated captain he steered all including myself to the altar of dance while we were consuming intermittent volumes of alcohol there were hardly any patrons staying still during the entire proceedings even our wheel-chaired patron shook other parts of her anatomy as an indication the spirit was felt as she was not about to be outdone by the able-bodied folk. The proverbial “cratches mawnin” phenomenon also made a short appearance as in the aforementioned recorded clip of the two divas plus the naughty headtop antics that followed this completted the events theme “Nauti” with the “Glam” in the fabulous attire.

The only performance for the ride came from former dancehall queen and Miss LGBT World the wonderful Tiana who proved that a diva in six inch pumps could match the deep angled to and fros of a boat travelling at about two knots on the high seas can balance on her feet, much to the loud cheers of an appreciative audience. She worked her favourite dance remix track “Kina’s – Girl From The Gutter (Like Me)”

The Song of the night was “Hues Corporation’s Rock The Boat”

The energy never waned that was until we got back to shore and the reality hit us it was time to call it a morning, the only disaster was the strange loss of a blackberry which preliminary investigations concluded may have fallen overboard due to the gyrations of its owner. So much for niceness eh?

Another wonderful event from the Couture Elements team and it was a pleasure to have been aboard this.

I am sure there is something being planned as we read this review.

Peace and tolerance.


Author: GLBTQ Jamaica Moderator

Activist and concerned gay man in Jamaica with over 19 years experience in advocacy and HIV/AIDS prevention work, LGBT DJ since 1996.

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