The curious case of these "Curious Heaviots" Part 2

Heaviot = masculine downlown sometimes bisexual male (aka “trade” in US)

In part 2 we continue to look at the dangers and happenings in the world of gay and bisexual men who cruise the public places for hook-ups.

This second reported incident happened a week ago in the downtown Kingston region, a 20+ year old unemployed male who occassionally gets a few small chores for pay was free that day and found himself wondering along an empty corridor of a certain commercial region. He came across a young man who was resting on his bicycle and smoking what seemed a ganja/marijuana spliff.
Their eyes met and the man winked at him and beckoned with his left hand discreetly. The curious male so as to not “dis” the “ganja man” obliged and approached cautiously as he was aware that there are men who pose as gays so that “They can rob or beat yuh” he commented as he related the story to me.

They exchanged words for a while which led to them arranging a secret rendezvous at a desolate location nearby so off they went, with the man riding his bicycle a few feet infront so as to guide his new friend. They arrived at what seemed a good enough spot and the ganja man eager to get into it initiated the “play”

About ten minutes or so into the exchange the man brandished a gun and demanded all his money, the young man nervously complied, the gun man proceeded to replace his attire and searched his victim which included a small pouch he was carrying with a small amount of cash ($3400+) he had on him, his shoes was also removed (a fairly new pair of K Swiss sneakers).

Fortunately the attacker did not harm the victim but departed with words to the effect that he didn’t want any sex, he was just “lookin a food” – colloquial for robbing or to huslte someone.

They have been uncomfirmed reports of liaisons resulting in more disastrous outcomes as we comb through them we will try to unearth the facts behind these attacks, you can appreciate that many of the victims do not wish to rehash these occurences or to even let their friends and counterparts become aware of their cruising ground(s) or techniques.

If you are a “Cruiser” be warned, it’s dangerous out there. Stay safe.


Author: GLBTQ Jamaica Moderator

Activist and concerned gay man in Jamaica with over 19 years experience in advocacy and HIV/AIDS prevention work, LGBT DJ since 1996.

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